How To: Activate your iPhone without service, just an AT&T SIM

Activate your iPhone without service, just an AT&T SIM

The iPhone has always been hamstrung by its alignment with AT&T, the worst of the big 4 US cell service providers. If you have an iPhone and are planning on unlocking it for use with another provider, or just want to use it without being connected to AT&T's network, this video is here to help. It will show you how to activate an iPhone instantly without a service plan using any AT&T SIM card.

From the creator:

1. Connect Your Iphone To Computer

2. Open Itunes

3. Remove Sim Slot And Insert Unactivated ATT Sim Card

4. Wait 10 Seconds And Enjoy Your Activated Iphone!

Now you can use your iphone until the unlock comes out or just enjoy it as a game player or ipod and video player.

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i highly suggest the next time you make a video you should choose your words carefully! the title of your video was very misleading & i assumed you were going to show us how to have service on your phone without having to pay for it!

Hi, I just bought an Iphone 2.0 for games only, it has been restored to version 3.1.3.
When I insert my At&t sim as you suggest, I get the At&t activation screen, where I have to activate before I can get to Itunes.
I am using ITunes ver 9.0.3
Please advise, thanks

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