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Can I use a T-Mobile sim card on an unlocked Sprint phone? The sim card is a different size and I didn't know if T-Mobile made smaller sim cards to fit into it.

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As far as I know, you can not, as Sprint phones use different radios than T-Mobile phones.

What model phone do you have?

Can you take a picture of the SIM card slot, so that I can verify if it will work for standard T-Mobile SIMs.

I spoke to T-Mobile and they stated that if it unlocked then they will be able to put the correct SIM card in it. So, I will go by there to find out.

Thanks for replying...

T-Mobile in the US uses primarily a GSM network. Your Sprint phone uses predominately a CDMA network. These networks are not interchangeable and you will have issues with making calls, sending messages, and receiving data (email, internet, etc). This is NOT a simple software reset, the antennas/board itself is for that network.

Why did the T-Mobile rep tell you that they could swap it out? Associates in cellular stores get paid COMMISSION to sell you service!

If you had an unlocked T-Mobile phone, you could bring it to ATT or vice versa, because they're both GSM.

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