News: Dining, Travel & … Smartphones? Groupon Now Offers Discounts on Unlocked Galaxy S8

Dining, Travel & … Smartphones? Groupon Now Offers Discounts on Unlocked Galaxy S8

As my fellow cheapskates know, Groupon is an oasis. From discounted vacations to reduced-price massages, it has — nearly — anything and everything. It's great for discounts on dining and travel, but I've never thought of it as a place to shop for smartphones ... until now.

Groupon's newest deal is a pleasant surprise that will surely have consumers flocking to the site. From now until July 18, you can purchase an unlocked 64 GB Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ for $150 off.

Samsung's newest flagship phone has received overwhelmingly positive reviews, so people are definitely itching to get their hands on it. From the iris scanner to the virtual home button, the S8 is packed with numerous desirable features. It's undeniably one of the best phones on the market, and that's coming from a staunch iPhone user.

Considering how impressive the S8 is, it's certainly not a budget phone. The S8 and slightly larger S8+ will normally run you $724.99 and $894.99 respectively, but Groupon's major deal brings these prices down — way down.

You can get the S8 for just $574.99 and the S8+ for $674.99, which is an incredible deal considering that on Samsung's website, an unlocked S7 will run you $569.99. For just $5 more, you can get a brand new S8. Folks, if you want a Galaxy S8, now's the time to buy.

Although it may seem strange that Samsung's even participating in this sale considering the S8 has received such positive reviews, the flagship phone actually hasn't been selling that well. Reports are coming in that it's selling significantly slower than the S7 did. This promotion seems like an effort on Samsung's part to ramp up consumer interest in the phone. However, I'm still unsure as to why Samsung partnered with Groupon for this sale. It's possible the companies are developing a partnership or there's a connection between them somehow, but I would've expected Samsung to host this sale with Amazon or Best Buy instead.

Regardless, a deal's a deal, and these savings are so good you'll almost forget about the disappointing Bixby button.

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Cover photo via Samsung Mobile/YouTube
Screenshots by Sarah Tseggay/Gadget Hacks

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