News: The Best Labor Day 2018 Deals on Smartphones

The Best Labor Day 2018 Deals on Smartphones

While it's not the best shopping holiday of the year, Labor Day does have a few sweet deals on smartphones this weekend. There are phones from OEMs such as Apple, Motorola, and Sony on sale, to name a few, from stores such as Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart.

Unless you plan on getting an iPhone XS model when they're released in September, or a Pixel 3 in October, these deals are ones to seriously consider if you're in the market for a new cell phone. Some of the sales are for unlocked phones while others require activation with a specific carrier.

Apple iPhones

Google Pixels

Motorola Phones

Samsung Phones

Sony Phones

These aren't the only smartphone deals this holiday weekend, either, so keep your eyes out wherever you normally shop. And don't miss out on all the smartphone accessories deals that Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and other shops are offering online and in stores. We've seen deals on phone cases, headphones, smart speakers, cables, battery packs, and more.

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