How To: Pin Your Favorite TikTok DMs to the Top of Your Direct Messages Inbox for Quicker Access

Pin Your Favorite TikTok DMs to the Top of Your Direct Messages Inbox for Quicker Access

Want quick access to message threads with your favorite or important contacts? Just pin them to the top of the conversations list. It's a common feature in many messaging apps, including Apple's Messages in iOS 14. While it's not particularly well-advertised, TikTok also lets you pin chats to the top of your direct messages inbox on Android or iPhone.

At first glance, there's no obvious way to stick a conversation thread with one person or a group at the top of your DMs, but the ability is definitely there.

Tap the "Inbox" tab at the bottom, then the paper airplane icon to open your direct messages. Next, tap the conversation you want to sticky, then the horizontal ellipsis (•••) on iOS or vertical ellipsis on Android. Now, just toggle the "Pin to top" switch and exit. That thread will now appear at the top of the inbox with a subtle highlight.

Like in other messaging apps, you can pin multiple chats to your inbox. At first, the last thread pinned will always appear at the top, but that order changes fast once you start sending and receiving messages. As with unpinned chats, TikTok sorts your pins by the last message received or sent. It's different than iOS 14's pin feature since your iPhone sorts by your preferred pin order, not by messages activity.

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Cover photo, screenshot, and GIF by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks

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