CES 2015: Linx Headbands Can Keep You Safe from Permanent Head Injuries

Linx Headbands Can Keep You Safe from Permanent Head Injuries

Wearables were everywhere at CES 2015... you literally couldn't walk 10 feet without seeing some new and innovative device. Among the sleep, fitness, dog, and baby wearables, we came across one with a different, more important purpose—the Linx IAS injury prevention headband.

Created by BlackBox Biometrics, the Linx IAS (Impact Assessment System) headband and its companion app for Android and iOS, can provide athletes, parents, coaches, and sports organizations with real-time data and analysis of impact-related head injuries. And it all starts with a super-thin sensor, which weights about the same as a nickel, that is inserted into a headband.

Image via Linx IAS

Once the waterproof sensor is inserted into a custom headband or skull cap, it stores data in real-time, then syncs it to a mobile app for analysis using Bluetooth Smart connectivity with a range of about 300 feet.

Images via Linx IAS

In an age where concussion injuries have become a pervasive part of sports, it's now critical to monitor for head injuries, especially for kids and teenagers whose brains are still developing.

The Linx IAS will be available at the end of Q1 2015, but you can sign up to preorder one right now.

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