CES 2015: Wocket Digitizes All the Cards in Your Wallet into One Single, Secure Card

Wocket Digitizes All the Cards in Your Wallet into One Single, Secure Card

As far as wallets go, mine is as full as they come; think something like George Castanza's overstuffed wallet on Seinfeld. I've got receipts, pictures, and tickets jammed inside, but what takes up the bulk of the space are all of the cards—credit, debit, gift, rewards, customer loyalty... I've got pretty much any card you can think of squeezed in.

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While it is a strain on my rear end, there's nothing I can do besides keep some of the cards elsewhere. However, looking for them when I need them is another pain in the butt that I'd rather not deal with, so I just keep them all together.

If you've got the same issues as I do, the Wocket Smart Wallet might just be the answer. It can replace all of your cards with a single, secure intelligent card. Just upload any card with a magnetic strip—credit and debit cards, AAA membership, grocery store rewards, etc.—to the reader and you're ready.

With the base accessory, the Wocket is about the same size as a normal wallet, and consists of a reader, a slot for the WocketCard, and a slot for your driver's license or other ID card. You'll also get the card reader, which attaches to the Wocket whenever you want to add new cards.

The basic back accessory that attaches to the Wocket is leather, so it's got a more natural wallet feel, while the front of the device is plastic. The screen itself is an e-paper touchscreen display so that it can be scanned easily by barcode readers.

Inserted in the back of the Wocket is where you'll find the WocketCard, which is the single card that can turn into any card you've uploaded to the reader via the card reader. The card is flat black and sturdy, has the traditional magnetic strip and signature area, and also displays the last four digits of the card currently being used, as well as the security code, on a thin LCD display.

For security purposes, once your credit card (or other card) information has transferred to the WocketCard, it will be active for five minutes and automatically wipe itself of any information afterward. This can be problematic if you have a really slow waiter or something taking care of your bill, but for the most part, it won't be an issue.

In case you want to pay for something online, you can go through your cards on the touchscreen display to easily view the data. Wocket will also be able to store passwords for websites and generate new ones if needed. With a single charge, the Wocket will last about half a year, and will warn you well in advance when it's low on battery, so you don't have to worry about that.

While at CES 2015, we got some hands-on with a unit, and overall, the Wocket is lightweight, feels good in your hand or pocket, and is very intuitive to use. The auto-wipe feature for the current card being used is my favorite feature, as it renders the WocketCard a useless piece of plastic to someone who may stumble upon it. And if you lose the whole Wocket, it's protected via your voice print, so no one will be able to use your cards.

If you want a Wocket for yourself, head over to their website to get invited to purchase one.

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