CES 2015: Monitor Your Dog's Activity All Day Long with FitBark, a Wearable Health Tracker

Monitor Your Dog's Activity All Day Long with FitBark, a Wearable Health Tracker

Animal lovers, especially dog owners, know that pets are a part of the family, but it's often incredibly frustrating to know if and when something just isn't right with our furry companions. If you're out and about most of the day, your dog will be so happy to see you when you come home that you may have no idea they were tired and listless all day long, which can be a sign of health problems for your pup. This is where FitBark comes in.

FitBark tracks movement (and rest), like most activity trackers, and that data can prove invaluable when it relates to dog-health. When canines are sick, they tend to rest much more than normal, and that information can be useful to those that leave their pets unattended while at school or work. The device is about the size of a dog tag and can be used with canines of any size.

Image via FitBark

All the connected information is sent to smartphone apps (and a web portal), so you, friends, family, and even your vet can analyze the data to diagnose potential problems. You can even compare this data to other dogs of the same breed and size as a baseline.

The company has even opened up their software with the Health and Lifestyle Canine API, so that developers can integrate the product within their own apps.

You can preorder one right now for $99, with shipments beginning on February 15th (Kickstarter orders ship on January 15th). The iOS app will go live on January 15th as well, with the Android and web portals available on March 15th.

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