CES 2015: The Swiss Army Knife of Sports Bottles Plays Music & Holds Your Phone, Cash, Keys, & More

The Swiss Army Knife of Sports Bottles Plays Music & Holds Your Phone, Cash, Keys, & More

If you're going exercising, either at the gym or outside, you're going to need a backpack, gym bag, or pockets to hold your water bottle, wallet, keys, smartphone, and anything else you've got on you.

Health Emporium US LLC looks to ease some of the trouble with carrying all that crap around with their Next Bottle, the Swiss-Army knife of water bottles.

With Next Bottle, not only can you carry the liquid of your choice, but you can also store and charge your smartphone, place credit cards and/or cash in a secret compartment, and hook your keys to a holder at the top of the bottle.

Weighing around a pound (without liquid), the Next Bottle also comes with a Bluetooth speaker so that you can blast music from your smartphone. The only thing that's missing is a place for your clothes.

We got our hands on the Next Bottle at CES 2015, which is still a prototype, to scope out all the cool features. The aluminum body and smooth rubber lining on the outer part of the bottle give it a sleek look and a comfortable feel in your hands, but it could stand to shed some weight overall (although it is in the early stages of development).

The area where your store your phone has a magnet which keeps it in place. Anything that's the same size or smaller than the iPhone 6 fits, although they are working on a bottle for bigger phones like the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note series in the future.

At the top of the bottle you'll find the spill-proof cap, which also has a tiny scented aromatherapy point which gives of a fruity scent and is meant to relieve stress.

Finally we've got the compartment at the bottom, which you can use to store anything thin, though it's meant to carry cards and cash. Definitely useful to carry around some money in case of an emergency, without having to lug around your wallet.

While it may not be practical for everyday use at the moment, I can see myself using it for outings at the beach, stays on a campground, and long hikes.

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