CES 2015: Solar-Powered WakaWaka Is a Light & Charger That Helps You Be More Socially Conscious

Solar-Powered WakaWaka Is a Light & Charger That Helps You Be More Socially Conscious

With over 1.5 billion people on this planet without electricity, it's hard for those of us in developed nations to even fathom how anyone can read, write, repair, or do anything else that we take for granted without any lights. While some of our First World problems pale in comparison, they remain issues nonetheless, one of the biggest being constant battery drain from portable electronics.

With the WakaWaka Power, you can easily take care of the bigger problem of lack of light in the world, and the relatively smaller problem of charging your gadgets, all in one handy solar-powered device.

What began as a Kickstarter campaign turned into one of most popular products at CES 2015. WakaWaka's booth was jam-packed, and while their product is fantastic, it's their company mission that is the true standout.

Their goal is simple: help the underdeveloped world gain access to light and power. They do this by donating a WakaWaka Power to the Third World every time one is purchased in the Western world.

Now, as important as social consciousness is, you still want a great product, and the WakaWaka does not disappoint. Let it charge in the sun for a full day and you'll get 150 hours of bright light shining at 120 lumens per watt (lm/W). Or, you can charge your phone, tablet, speaker, or any other USB device on the go. If you find yourself in trouble, the product even has an "SOS" mode which pulsates a morse code for you. Plus, you can use the light and charge your gadget at the same time.

Purchase your WakaWaka Power here for $79, and do something good for yourself and others... it's a win-win.

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