CES 2015: Use iLuv's Selfy Phone Case to Take Hands-Free Selfies & Sharper Photos

Use iLuv's Selfy Phone Case to Take Hands-Free Selfies & Sharper Photos

Our first stop at CES this year was at iLuv, a company well known for their long line of smartphone accessories (portable chargers, speakers, headphones, etc). While their products are geared towards everyday use, their Selfy phone case, which is a bit more situational, caught our attention.

With the look of a regular smartphone case, the Selfy has an integrated wireless remote that functions as a camera shutter. That means you can take pictures without touching your smartphone, or using an embarrassing selfie stick in public. Despite its name, though, this case is for way more than just selfies.

Just connect your smartphone to the remote via Bluetooth and you're all ready to go. When you want to snap a picture, just pull out the control, go to the stock camera application on your device, and press the single button on the control.

With a car mount, helmet strap, helmet mount, bicycle mount, and mini tripod (all retailing for $19.99 each), the Selfy is a practical, multifaceted accessory for your smartphone.

Right now, the Selfy case with camera shutter remote is available for $39.99 for the iPhone 5 and 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S5, as well as the iPad Air ($79.99) and iPad mini ($69.99).

While all of the above devices have built-in digital image stabilization software (except for the iPhone 6 Plus, which has optical image stabilization), you would still be able to get sharper images (especially in dark situations) by using the Selfy on a tripod, since you won't need those jittery hands of yours on the phone itself. This is especially helpful if you have a telephoto lens attachment, as it's almost impossible to take a clear photo without a remote.

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