CES 2015: SmartPlane Is a Super Lightweight Aircraft Controlled by Android or iOS

SmartPlane Is a Super Lightweight Aircraft Controlled by Android or iOS

Sometimes it's not the look of a product that makes it unique, but the thought that went into it. That's what struck me about TobyRich's SmartPlane—it isn't the most elegant toy on the market, but its simplicity and function make it a winner.

Simplicity in design means this gadget weighs in at only 3 grams, which feels like no more than a few sheets of paper. Functionally, it combats some of the shortcomings of similar smart toys. In fact, TobyRich's representative stated that he doesn't consider this a toy. "Toys are for kids, these gadgets are for tech lovers."

So while the plane's design may seem lacking to some, its minimal weight means it's perfect for indoor flying. Because there's hardly more than a rudder, a propeller, a charging unit, and a Bluetooth controller (used to instantly turn it on and maintain a connection to your phone), this guy can last up for 20 minutes, and it only takes about 10 minutes to charge. Plus, you can control if at up to 180 feet away.

And SmartPlane's build materials mean that it's virtually crash-proof (running it into a wall isn't nearly enough to damage this thing).

Image via SmartPlane

While the plane is currently sold out through the official site, you can pick one up from Amazon or other retailers. They retail for $70, but you can find them online now for as low as $59.99. And of course, its corresponding app is available for both Android and iOS.

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