How To: Hack your phone to get free Internet via Bluetooth

Hack your phone to get free Internet via Bluetooth

Having the Internet on your phone is definitely handy. You can look up anything at anytime, and connect with friends in so many more ways.

In this tutorial, learn how to use your PC and your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone to get free Internet on your cell phone and avoid buying a data package. This is especially useful if you pay as you go for your phone, you can avoid some huge fees.

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codebox framaroot then blakmart.

how?can i get gta5 highly compressed in my psp

power iso minidisk convert and load it once in a ps4 emulator, send to dumper>grab the dump file and resave it as an .elf file it will be deprotected. pspx has plugin from p.e.o.p.s that can compres your file. it should barely fit the minidisk. your looking ata maximum of 1 gigabyte of filesize reduction, cant go any smaller unless you convert the iso format to chinese - and not to many like to read chinese when they speak english -

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