Fitness Lovers Alert: Get Ready for the New Adidas Workout App 'All Day', Out in Beta Today

Get Ready for the New Adidas Workout App 'All Day', Out in Beta Today

Adidas' new app All Day isn't going to be your average fitness app. Oh no, the company had the "versatile athlete" in mind when it came to creating the well-rounded program that not only encompasses fitness, but also provides nutrition plans, encourages a balanced mindset, and makes sure you get an adequate amount of rest.

According to Edgar Alvarez at Engadget, the app will provide you with a series of written and video tutorials of different workouts such as "quick yoga moves." There will also be "green" recipes and the app will track along with you as you travel throughout the day.

Currently, the beta version is geared towards women, but Adidas plans to add more content for men later on. Alvarez also states that the app will be able to pair with "Apple's Health Kit and Google's Fit platforms," so you don't have to worry about switching between the two apps.

Last year, Adidas acquired fitness app Runtastic for about $240 million. The deal gave hints towards a future Adidas app as Runtastic has over 100 million users and a large app technical platform.

At SXSW earlier this month, Adidas announced it wanted to create fitness products catered to individuals and its brand. Stacey Burr, Vice President of Wearable Sports Electronics at Adidas, stated in an interview to Engadget at SXSW:

You'll be seeing that we'll be opening up a bunch of our content and know-how to other third party devices, and making it more of an open platform scenario so that we can extend onto other people's devices as well.

The beta version of All Day releases at some point today on iOS and Android, but it's extremely limited and the full version won't be out until this summer. We'll update this post with details on how to get into the beta when they're released.

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