News: This App Notifies You Every Time a Trump Tweet 'Triggers' Your Stocks

This App Notifies You Every Time a Trump Tweet 'Triggers' Your Stocks

Every time Donald Trump tweets about a stock you own, Trigger Finance, or just Trigger—the app founded on the "if this, then that" rule to track and invest in the stock market—alerts you with a notification for real-time analysis of financial data.

Rachel Mayer, the CEO and cofounder of Trigger Finance, created the app to help investors incorporate news events, current Twitter trends, or other triggers—which users can subscribe to within the hundreds of thousands of options available in the community platform. Users can even create their own custom triggers to determine whether or not to invest based on a specific current event.

"Trump triggers" is the company's most popular trigger with almost 10,000 investors subscribed to it. By now, it's well known that when Trump tweets about a particular stock, the stock market moves.

Investors took notice of the app's ability to notify a user's account of current trending Trump tweets to make better investment decisions. Trigger is currently used by 30,000 investors. According to Mayer, in a press release to CNBC, "Investors are using Trigger to make better investment decisions … and to remove the emotion from the investing process."

The app's platform has a number of "if, then" Trump triggers that users can subscribe to. Once subscribed, if Trump tweets about any of the user's trigger subscriptions, a notification will pop up prompting the user to analyze the current stock market.

Mayer, in a press release to Forbes, details how the triggers are sourced to help investors respond quickly to share price movements:

We've built our custom rules engine that can trigger based on a variety of data in real time (including tweets, insider filings, weather and more) that sends alerts and triggers investments for the end retail investor. We've started to lay the groundwork to use data science and machine learning to generate insights based on our triggers and give that back to our community.

Trigger allows users to link to their brokerage accounts and also lets you place trades directly through the app. However, Trigger is not the only company to monitor social media and how it affects the stock market. Other apps such as Dataminr, StockTwits, and Motif Investing, compete with the company that according to CNBC producer Christopher DiLella, has raised $675,000 in funding so far.

Trigger Finance is set to partner with a number of large financial institutions such as NASDAQ and TD Ameritrade to market as well as demo "its products and technology at large financial conferences."

The app is available on iOS and will soon be available for Android users this coming April.

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Cover image via Trigger Finance, screenshots by Bettina Mangiaracina/Gadget Hacks

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