News: The "411" Film Production Bible Finally Hits Android Devices (For Free)

The "411" Film Production Bible Finally Hits Android Devices (For Free)

If you work in the film industry, are currently in film school, or have aspirations of being involved in the movie making process in some way, shape or form, you're probably very familiar with a certain set of books published by 411 Publishing that are commonly referred to as the "production bibles". If you live in the Los Angeles area, LA 411 is a valuable source of information when it comes to fulfilling your production needs. And if you're in New York, the NY 411 book is just as crucial for helping you find the best crew and resources.

The "411" Film Production Bible Finally Hits Android Devices (For Free)

There's only one problem—these books are expensive. The 2011 edition of LA 411 goes for about 80 bucks, while it's east coast counterpart runs for about 60. If you're in the film business, you can probably afford it, and if you're in film school, you might have access to one for free. But these days, nothing is more valuable than information on the go, i.e. mobile apps.

But there's good news. The LA 411 and NY 411 have been available on the iPhone for a while now, and unlike the book versions—are completely free! Search for them in the iTunes App Store or click on one of the links below.

And if you have an Android device, don't worry... they've finally come through with the Android versions of the apps this week. "We try to act on the feedback of our users as much as possible," said Sean Killebrew, Publisher for 411 Publishing. "Once we launched the iPhone app we started hearing from Droid users who felt cheated, now we have an answer for them and it's free."

The "411" Film Production Bible Finally Hits Android Devices (For Free)

To get the Android apps, search the Android Market or click on one of the links below.

In addition to finding complete contact information for all LA 411 and New York 411's vetted directory listings, users will be able to initiate geographical searches, sort search results by distance from their current location, and upload driving directions through the Google Maps Android interfaces. You can also save listings information in your Android's contact section, add listings to your Favorites page, forward a listing to another user, and directly dial a listing's information.

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