How To: Use the browser on the Blackberry Storm 9500

Use the browser on the Blackberry Storm 9500

In this Electronics video tutorial you will learn how to use the browser on the Blackberry Storm 9500. To use your browser, select browser from the main blackberry menu. This will bring up your bookmark and the history of your previously visited websites. There is also a handy Google search bar. Type in the address of the site in to address bar at the top. Once the page loads, you can view it in landscape or portrait format by moving the handset. To zoom in and out, use the magnifying glass "+" or "-" icons. To move around the page, simply move your finger back and forth or up and down. Click the cursor button and a hand cursor tool appears on the screen, which you can move with your finger. Click it again to disable the cursor. You can watch the video for further tips.

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