News: At Last, Someone Came Up with a Way to Run Android on an iPhone

At Last, Someone Came Up with a Way to Run Android on an iPhone

A developer from a firm named Tendigi came up with a way to run Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 on an iPhone 6 Plus, and it's pretty awesome. The hack is the brainchild of Nick Lee, who had previously installed Windows 95 on an Apple Watch, and you can see it in action below.

Okay, so the iPhone isn't really running Android—it's actually streaming the screen from a customized LeMaker HiKey board. But you use the iPhone to control Android, so it's close enough to the real thing.

Lee designed and 3D-printed a custom case to house the HiKey, as well as a boost converter and battery pack.

Image by Nick Lee/Tendigi

To get Android up and running on his iPhone, Lee just needs to start the iOS app he wrote to work with the HiKey and connect the case via the Lightning cable when prompted.

Image by Tendigi Engineering/YouTube

It's still pretty basic, but Lee can access the app drawer, the Google Play Store, and the web from the iPhone.

Image by Tendigi Engineering/YouTube

It's definitely kind of weird to see the Google Play Store app up on an iPhone.

Image by Tendigi Engineering/YouTube

Once he's done using Android, he just pressed the iPhone's home button to return to the comfort of iOS.

Image by Tendigi Engineering/YouTube

It's not clear if this will ever be available for other people to try out, or if Lee was just messing around. This is just a hunch, but Apple probably also isn't too keen on letting people use a direct competitor's operating system on its iPhones, so it's unlikely this will come to market anytime soon.

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Cover image via Tendigi Engineering/YouTube

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