How To: There's a Super-Fast Way to Redial the Last Phone Number You Called

There's a Super-Fast Way to Redial the Last Phone Number You Called

If you need to call someone back in a hurry, don't bother redialing the number. In fact, don't bother digging through your phone app to tap on the number in the call log. Instead, use this simple trick to quickly redial the number, whether you have an iPhone or Android.

Open your phone app, then just tap the call button at the bottom of the display. As long as you initially dialed the last number before making the call, that number should autofill in the field above. That's just half the job, however. Make sure to tap the call button again to actually place your phone call.

iPhone (left) vs. Pixel (right).

We've found this trick works on all iPhones, Samsung Galaxies, Google Pixels, OnePlus devices, and Android One smartphones. If you find this trick doesn't work on your particular phone, however, let us know!

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Cover image and GIFs by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks

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Lol this has been a thing for years. I think your a little behind. Even my first LG flip phone had this feature in 2005.

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