How To: Take Restroom Breaks During a Movie Without Missing a Scene

Take Restroom Breaks During a Movie Without Missing a Scene

When I watched the first Cincinnati Bengals edition of the HBO series Hard Knocks back in 2009, among wide receiver Chad Johnson's bravado and attention-grabbing antics was a segment on backup quarterback Jordan Palmer and his newly-developed app, which was still in its infancy. Six years later, I've revisited his creation and have to admit—it's pretty damn useful.

Though he has yet to throw a single touchdown pass in his professional career, he's the MVP for plenty of movie-goers. His mobile app, RunPee, notifies you when you can safely take a restroom break during a film. Not only will you know when, but it also provides notifications, a timer, break duration, and a quick rundown of the particular scene you walked out on.

Step 1: Install RunPee

Let's start off by installing RunPee on your mobile device. The app itself was created by Dan Florio of PolyGeek, who previously partnered with Jordan and Carson Palmer (Jordan's more famous quarterback brother) over at RockLive to promote it. (You can read more about the history behind the app over at RunPee's blog.)

You can download RunPee for free for Android and iOS, and for $0.99 on Windows Phone.

Step 2: Choose Your Film

The list of films updates as new ones make their way into the box office, so choose the movie you're getting ready to sit through, and feel free to grab a large drink. After choosing the film, you'll see info from a RunPee contributor and potential "Peetimes."

Step 3: Set Your Timer

A great feature of RunPee is the timer it provides, along with notifications, that can be easily synced upon the film's commencement, making bathroom breaks easier to jump on.

Step 4: View What You Missed Out On

The RunPee app provides Peetimes based on moments or scenes that don't have much action or plot development, but that doesn't mean we don't want to know what happened. To catch up on the movie, select the Peetime you walked out on, or check your RunPee notifications.

It's convenient, free, and you don't have to second-guess that large soda anymore. Give it a try and tell us how it worked by commenting below, or over on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter

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