How To: Celebrate Your 2022 Music Year in Review on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, and More

Celebrate Your 2022 Music Year in Review on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, and More

It's that time of year again. No, not the holiday season … the "share your year in music listening" season. And no matter which music streaming service you use, there's a way to find and share (or not share) your activity from 2022.

Since Spotify unveiled its Wrapped campaign in 2016, social media feeds have been flooded with friends and family eager to show off their music tastes (or lack thereof). But you don't have to be a Spotify listener to participate.

If you use Apple Music, YouTube Music, or Deezer, there are yearly reviews for you too. As for Amazon Music and Tidal, you're more limited in what you get. And Pandora isn't the place to be if you want yearly rewinds.

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  1. Spotify (2022 Wrapped)
  2. Apple Music (2022 Replay)
  3. YouTube Music (2022 Recap)
  4. Deezer (MyDeezerYear 2022)
  5. Amazon Music (My Year in Review 2022)
  6. Pandora (Playback 2022)
  7. Tidal (2022 Rewind)

1. Spotify (2022 Wrapped)

Spotify's Wrapped is the originator of the year-end personalized listener story, and it's the version you're most likely to see on your Facebook wall or Twitter feed. It's also still the best experience among streaming music services and accessible on free and premium plans.

You can find and listen to various 2022 Wrapped playlists, such as editor picks, top streamed tracks, and your own 2022 activity, via the web app or desktop app. However, your activity's story and all its bells and whistles are limited to the mobile app for Android and iOS.

As long as you're running the latest version of Spotify, you can select "Play" under the "Spotify Wrapped: Your 2022 in Review" section. If not, visit the Search tab and tap the "2022 Wrapped" option. As you watch the presentation, you can tap the share button to save the page or send it to your platform of choice.

2. Apple Music (2022 Replay)

As opposed to Spotify, Replay is NOT available in the Android or iOS mobile apps but rather on the Replay website in any browser. It's also only available to current paid subscribers.

Visit the Replay website in any browser to view your year in music. You can find a shortcut to the experience on the For You and Search tabs in the mobile app. Once you're at the site, tap "Get started," then log in with your Apple ID. The story will continue once you've authenticated.

Note that Apple requires users to surpass an unspecified threshold of listens to generate a Replay story. (I'm below the minimum, but luckily I know someone who's eligible.) A statement from Apple claims an eligibility progress bar is available on the website, but it doesn't show for me.

Having previously only offered a personalized year-end playlist, Apple revamped its Replay experience for 2022. In addition to presenting top songs, albums, artists, and genres, Apple will reveal whether subscribers are considered Superfans or among the top 100 listeners of their favorite artist or genre. Tap the share button at the bottom to trigger your sharing protocol to save or send the page.

3. YouTube Music (2022 Recap)

Not to be left out, Google's default music streaming service offers a similar annual story for its subscribers, including top artists and top tracks. Like Spotify, you'll need the Android or iOS mobile app to access the story, but you can find the playlists via the web player along with personal seven-day listening trends.

In the mobile app, scroll to the bottom of the Home tab to the "Recaps" section. Tap the "More" button, then "Watch Now" to proceed. At the bottom of each page, look for the download button to save the image to your camera roll or the share button to summon your device's sharing menu.

Google has added a couple of enhancements to YouTube Music Recap to make it more interesting than the others, and the results are compelling. For instance, the Recap reveals which of your public playlists were listened to the most by others.

The service also compiles a seasonal Recap playlist. And your Recap story includes a music personality assessment. I'm "The Alt Party Starter" because "I bring the vibe wherever I go, but keep my friends guessing with unexpected tracks." That's fairly close to the pin.

Those who opt to connect YouTube Music to Google Photos will receive a quarterly photo album showcasing the season's top track among a randomly-curated trio of photos.

4. Deezer (MyDeezerYear 2022)

Deezer may not be as popular as the above services in the U.S., but it should be, and its MyDeezerYear annual wrap-up outdoes the others in some aspects. You can view your 2022 music review at the the MyDeezerYear site. Just log in with your credentials to access your personalized musical story.

You can also find it in the Android and iOS app. There should be a shortcut to it directly from the Music tab. If you don't see it immediately, check out the Categories section in the Music or Search tabs. There's even a 2022 Podcast Rewind available in the Podcasts tab.

MyDeezerYear shows you a wealth of information, including insights about your top tracks, the minutes and hours you spent listening to music, and your favorite artists. You'll also see your most common musical mood, the genre you listen to most, which country most of your favorite artists are from, and even who your music soulmate is.

Deezer also added a new feature for 2022 that gives top fans a chance to win a "golden ticket" to see their most-listened-to band with a friend. However, it's not available to U.S. users; about 20 winners will be selected in each of France, Brazil, and Germany, Deezer's biggest markets.

5. Other Services

  • Amazon Music (My Year in Review 2022): Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon Music Prime typically generate a year-end playlist based on your listening habits. Subscribers have already started seeing My Year in Review 2022 pop up on their accounts, but I haven't gotten it yet. When ready, it can be found in the Home tab's notifications or directly on the Home tab itself in the Android, iOS, or web app. You can also find your My Year in Review 2022 playlist in the Library tab. There aren't any analytics, unfortunately, just a playlist.
  • Pandora (Playback 2022): According to the service's support page, Pandora will not offer its Playback feature for 2022, and subscribers are very much upset about the decision, as they should be. There's not even a way to view your past listening history at all, a feature that's been an "open idea" for over two years now.
  • Tidal (2022 Rewind): The service released My 2020 Rewind for its subscribers but did not repeat the feat for 2021. Needless to say, a 2022 version seems very unlikely. Instead, you can visit your My Activity section in the Android or iOS app to view your streaming activity for the current month and previous months. You can also share your streaming behavior with friends.

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