How To: Spotify Codes Now Makes It Easier to Share Dope Music — Here's How

Spotify Codes Now Makes It Easier to Share Dope Music — Here's How

Open your Spotify app, search for an artist, view its "Spotify Code," and display it to that friend lurking over your shoulder. Sound familiar? Probably not ... yet.

Before, if you wanted to share songs with a friend — or some weirdo stranger on the bus — you would've had to manually enter the name of the person you wanted to share your playlist with.

Now, Spotify has rolled out Spotify Codes, which assigns a unique QR-like identifier for everything listed on Spotify. This allows you to snag your friend's music without bothering with things like spelling the artist's name correctly.

If you are the friend with all the cool music, don't fret about having to respond to those texts from that person who wants your stuff. Or even having to manually share it now. Tell your friend to get their butt over to you, open the Spotify app, and tap "Search." Tap on the little camera icon in the top right-hand corner and point it at the code.

Then, watch the magic happen. You now got all the music you want right in your own Spotify app, you music-hungry friend you.

Or, if your friend is somewhere not close to you and you are feeling really nice, then you can even screenshot the artist, song, or album's code and send it to them that way, too.

To find a Spotify Code, type in the name of the artist or album you are seeking. Tap on the three-dot menu in the right-hand corner of the artist or album's page. The code will show up in a medium-sized pink box right under the page's picture.

Tap on the code to expand it. Show or send it to whomever. Let them score all your music.

Spotify makes sharing music stress-free, y'all, adding more seconds to your overall lifespan. How can you not dig an app that does that?

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