News: Want to Make Your Own Live Broadcast? New Facebook App Aims to Help

Want to Make Your Own Live Broadcast? New Facebook App Aims to Help

Facebook, you either love it or you hate it ... or maybe you're indifferent. The point is, Facebook is everywhere, and the debate is still raging over whether or not it's actually, well, good. That debate may not exist for the various personalities of Facebook much longer, however, as Facebook announced a new app geared directly towards improving how they broadcast their content to their audiences.

Facebook's product director Daniel Danker unveiled the first news at VidCon this weekend, detailing an app that gives creators new tools to share their content:

It has never been a better time to be a creator on Facebook. With Facebook we can connect and create community with your audience and tell stories that are social, personal, and authentic.

The app, of course, features Facebook Live, but also brings a new "creative kit" to the mix. This kit allows broadcasters to add intros and outros to their shows, along with custom stickers and frames, the former accessible to audiences during broadcasts.

Creators will also have more control over their video and community analytics — Facebook will provide information about who is watching and for how long, as well as more ways to interact with audiences in Facebook's connected services, Instagram and Messenger. These features will all be available in a new "Community tab."

Unfortunately for the small fish out there, this new kit will only be available to verified accounts. If you want access to more than what comes with Facebook Live, you might just need to get yourself a little following. Until then, we can't wait to see what kind of content is going to be shared with the rest of us peons.

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