News: Revamped Video Tab Testing Shows Facebook Really Wants to Compete with YouTube

Revamped Video Tab Testing Shows Facebook Really Wants to Compete with YouTube

More video content is making its way to Facebook as the social network relentlessly tries to get its video platform up to par with YouTube. Now, they seem to be making more of an effort to improve their video tab, as new features have started to appear on some Android phones.

The video tab itself appeared as part of one of Facebook's update to the iOS and now Android versions of their app. Clicking on the 'play' icon in the tab bar will pull up a list of suggested videos based on the pages you like, what videos your friends are sharing, and videos that seem relevant based on the things you've liked in the past. You can also search specifically for videos through the tab and send videos directly to friends.

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The weird part comes from a report made today by the Next Web. The report says that new features for the video tab have started appearing on some Android phones. The new feature includes a new specific tab that lets you choose what kind of suggested videos you want. The tab includes Comedy, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Animals, Sports, and News videos.

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It's unsurprising that a tab update like this would begin to show up. Recently, Facebook has said they are planning to launch a redesign of it, and have been working on it since May. This comes as a part of their attempt to make their app more video accessible, presumably to make it more like YouTube.

News of this also comes off of the recent announcement made by Facebook that they are going to be creating original shows. They are currently paying for long and short-form shows. They have also partnered with major media companies such as BuzzFeed, Attn, Mashable and Group Nine Media to create 10-minute 'spotlight' shows. The original shows would be owned by the media companies, but premiere on Facebook through the video tab.

Facebook has created some of the most innovative ways for new video content, namely their live videos which most social media platforms have now mimicked. According to The Next Web, the new feature on the tab has not shown up on all Android phones, likely meaning that it's still in the testing phase. Facebook has not yet made an official comment regarding the new features, but let us know if you've seen them on your phone!

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