How To: Track the Location of Your Family and Friends on Any Mobile Device

Track the Location of Your Family and Friends on Any Mobile Device

Being lost sucks. There really is nothing worse than going to a huge event with a bunch of friends or family and then getting separated. Instead of partying with the bros, you get stuck next to this lame couple who keeps seriously making out every ten seconds.

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So, in order to avoid loner status, you can use your smartphone to track and locate your peeps. Now for iPhone users, I am sure you're aware of the Find My Friends app. This app is great, but it will only locate other iPhone users. Some of your friends may not have an iPhone, so they would be SOL.

There is also a Find My Friends app for Android, but again, you will only be able to find other Android users.

But, there is one app that can locate your friends no matter what phone they are carrying—even if you know someone who still uses a Blackberry (although they will need a Gmail address). It's called Google Latitude, and it's actually been around for quite a while. Google Latitude shares your location with your group just like Find My Friends.

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You can add friends using your Gmail account and their Gmail address. So, now any one of your friends with a Gmail account can be located no matter what device. To make it even easier to keep track of your friends, you can utilize the Check In feature, which allows you to give pinpoint location information to all of your friends.

Now, you should be aptly equipped to venture off into the wild without ever having to worry about losing your friends. This would have been very useful for this guy.


google latitude is gone forever, I miss it, but its gone.

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