How To: Save on Data Costs with Verizon Wireless's "Secret" High-Tier Data Plans

Save on Data Costs with Verizon Wireless's "Secret" High-Tier Data Plans

Verizon Wireless advertises that their highest data plan caps at 10GB, which unfortunately isn't enough for a lot of users (especially if you're fond of tethering your phone). Go over their limit, and they'll slap you with seriously unwelcome charges—$15 per 1GB over.

It's funny then that a Computer World writer discovered that Verizon actually does offer plans over 10GB, they just aren't too eager to advertise them.

There are actually a total of five plans over their "regular" top six.

  • 1GB for $50/month
  • 2GB for $60/month
  • 4Gb for $70/month
  • 6GB for $80/month
  • 8GB for $90/month
  • 10GB for $100/month
  • 12GB for $110/month
  • 14GB for $120/month
  • 16GB for $130/month
  • 18 GB for $140/month
  • 20 GB for $150/month

They're available through Verizon's Share Everything plans, and can be shared over ten devices. You probably need to contact your local Verizon Wireless store to see if you can get in on these plans from the start, but hidden on their site, they do state that you can log in to My Verizon and add an extra 2GBs for $10 more a month.

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I was just at Apple yesterday getting something fixed, and while waiting I played around on the iPads that have the different iPhone plans and all eleven of these data plans for Verizon were on there, so it seems you can get the higher ones right off the bat.

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