How To: Save Money on Your Disney+ Subscription with These Deals

Save Money on Your Disney+ Subscription with These Deals

With shows like "The Mandalorian" and movies like "Frozen 2," Disney+ has quickly become a must-have streaming service. However, with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu, adding another subscription-based service can become expensive — but there are ways to trim down the cost.

There are multiple ways you can save money on a Disney+ subscription. Even if you're already a paying Disney+ subscriber, it's worth it to explore the deals currently out there, as you could drop a few bucks off the recurring costs.

However, the deals listed below won't last forever, so check them out take advantage of one of them immediately if it saves you money. That way, you can enjoy "Hamilton" and other great shows and movies hitting the streaming service later this year without breaking the bank.

Method 1: Get One Year Free with Verizon Fios

In the market for a new cable or internet subscription or both? If you purchase an eligible bundle from Verizon Fios, you can qualify for one year of Disney+ for free. Available packages include two-year commitments to either Triple Play (TV, internet, and home phone) or Double Play (TV and internet), as well as standalone internet data plans at speeds 50/50 Mbps or higher.

When the Fios installation is completed, you'll get an email that includes a link with instructions to sign up for a Disney+ account via My Verizon or the My Fios app. But you want to act fast — the deal ends on August 31, 2020.

No matter which plan you choose, you can only have one subscription per Verizon account. But since Disney+ supports up to four simultaneous streams for up to 10 different compatible devices, you can share your account with family members. After one year, you'll be billed $6.99 per month for the service.

If you have a Disney+ subscription via Verizon, you must cancel before using the deal. If you have one via Disney, it will be paused or canceled to get the free year. If you want the Disney+/Hulu/ESPN+ bundle (see below), you can get it via Disney, and the $6.99 per month will be subtracted from the total for the duration of the promotion. For more specific details, check out the terms of the promotion.

Method 2: Get One Year Free with Verizon Wireless

Already have home internet? You can also qualify for Verizon's deal above when you have or sign up for one or more of Verizon Wireless' unlimited plans or its 5G Home Internet plan. The details are pretty much the same as with the Fios promotion, but you can check out the FAQ on the Verizon Wireless site for more info.

Method 3: Bundle It with Hulu & ESPN+

Another great way to save money is to take advantage of Disney's streaming service bundle, which includes Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu. The standard prices for Disney+, ESPN+, and the lower tier Hulu plan usually are $6.99, $4.99, and $5.99 per month, respectively. That's $17.97 monthly if paying separately.

If you opt for a Hulu subscription with ads, you pay only $12.99 a month, saving you nearly $5 monthly if everything is purchased separately. The bundle is also available with Hulu without ads, which increases the price to $18.99 a month, again, about a $5 difference.

You can also use the same bundle with Hulu + Live TV, which is one of the best cord-cutting products; the price increases to $61.99, but once again, you save nearly $5 per month. Make that $67.99 per month, and you can get all that plus Hulu without ads. More info about these promotions can be found on Hulu's site.

Alternatively, instead of getting the bundle through Hulu, you can get it straight from Disney. If you're not a sports fan and have no use for ESPN+, the bundle pretty much makes you break even with what you would pay for Disney+ and Hulu separately. The only benefit then is that you're consolidating bills, plus you always have ESPN+ if guests want to watch it.

Method 4: Use Rakuten to Get Some Cash Back

Rakuten helps you find digital coupons for products and services, and it shares the affiliate revenue it makes off your purchases online via referral links.

Currently, when using the app or desktop extension, you can get $12.50 cash back when signing up for a Disney+ annual subscription. If you use the app to sign up for the Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ bundle, you will get $10 cash back instead. And you get $1 for signing up for just a Disney+ monthly subscription. (These deals won't work if you shop via Hulu's website instead of Disney's.)

As a bonus, if it's your first time using Rakuten, you get a $10 welcome bonus after you spend $25 or more within 90 days via Rakuten's referral links.

Method 5: Save Money with Annual Subscription

Disney+ offers a rare payment plan for subscription-based streaming video services: a chance to pay for one year at a time. If you opt to purchase 12 months in advance, it will cost you $69.99 instead of $83.88, which essentially makes two months free. And when used with Method 4, you can get back $12.50 cash back from Rakuten for even more savings.

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