How To: The Fastest Way to Share Clips of Your Favorite Movie Quotes with Anyone

The Fastest Way to Share Clips of Your Favorite Movie Quotes with Anyone

The Oscars are just around the corner, so it's the perfect time to remind people of your favorite movie moments, even if they're not exactly Oscar-worthy. But don't just settle on sending GIFs that don't include any of the fun audio, or resort to scouring YouTube for that one specific movie clip. Instead, take a look at Qwotes, a new mobile app from developer StudyUp.

Step 1: Install Qwotes Movie Clips Messaging

Not only does Qwotes makes it extremely easy to locate and share movie clips, it's also available for free on Android and iOS.

Step 2: Find Your Clip

Once you've launched the app and signed up by way of either email, Google+, Facebook, or Twitter, you immediately start finding that perfect clip. Use the "Categories" feature to find something to suit your mood, or utilize the search option to search by actor, movie, or quote.

Step 3: Share Your Clip

Once you've successfully located a clip to share, tap on it to check it out for yourself, to make sure it's the one you want.

When you're ready to send it, simply tap the "Share" button and choose one of the various exporting options, like email, Facebook, or your messaging app.

The receiving party will then be able to select the link you sent and enjoy an awesome movie clip, hosted on Qwotes website. The receiver only needs to download the app if they wish to send their own movie clips.

By default, Qwotes has a ton of clips from movies like Billy Madison, Wedding Crashers, Zoolander, Anchorman, Dumb and Dumber, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and 21 Jump Street. If you can't find the movie quote clip you're looking for, you can help expand the database by uploading it yourself if you've found it elsewhere.

It's a hilarious service that will allow you to perfectly express yourself in a fun way, so give it a try. Let us know what your favorite clip is by commenting below, or over on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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