Forum Thread: Help… AT&T wants $5/month to block a caller. I have the HTC One M8. Outrageous! What can I do?

I received from my carrier AT&T a HTC One M8 as a substitute for my broken lumia 1520...i need to block a caller,which has been a simple 2 step process in the past....AT&T has taken the block app from the windows store and replaced it with an in house 5.00 a month service...i already pay a hefty cell phone,internet,tv to this company and just refuse to pay another 5.00 month for a service that should be included...furious and need advice on my next step...thank you

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Would you be okay with the calls technically coming through, but never ringing on your end (you may still receive voicemails, but otherwise you'll never know the call came through).

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