Forum Thread: How do I break my phone?

I am trying to destroy my lg Optimus but not so that it voids my warranty. Any suggestions how I can discreetly make my phone crap out? Even a small malfunction will qualify me for a new phone!

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Stay away from water. They'll see that. One sure way (though dangerous) is to fry the internals by sending too much voltage through the charging ports. A taser would probably do the trick. 1 second in the microwave could also zap it, though you risk setting it on fire, which would likely void the warranty.

Depending on who you get, you can manufacturer a "ghost" problem. For example, the phone constantly "restarts."

Be prepared to be indignant and good luck.

That's a nice question posted. As rules differ between every manufacturers, you have to read clearly what is accepted and what is NOT. Make a plan such that you are damaging the phone but also that should have been covered under your manufacturer's book.

You stand on the upstairs and put down easily the phone is destroyed.

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