Limited Time Only: Verizon Opens Enrollment to Insurance Platform for Your Current Phone

Verizon Opens Enrollment to Insurance Platform for Your Current Phone

Ok, I have to admit, I drop my phone around 2–4 times a week. I'm horrible at protecting it and I've gone through my fair share of cracked phones. Most of the time, once the phone is cracked it's just easier to get an entirely new phone, rather than have to fight your phone provider for a fix.

Luckily, Verizon is doing us phone-killers a solid by opening enrollment in their 'Total Mobile Protection' program, for a limited time, starting today. The program is giving subscribers another chance to say yes to insurance on their current handsets.

The promotion comes as a celebration of the arrival of summer and can help you if you originally said "no" to Verizon's insurance offering. We get it. Usually, it's easy to say no to insurance packages from your phone provider because they can seem like a scam. But Verizon's program aims for a fair price and to make it easier to get repairs done, sometimes within the same day.

Verizon promises that not only will your current phone get protected in case of cracks, but it will also be protected against loss and theft as well. To ensure that you're getting the fastest reparations possible, Verizon now has certified mobile repair technicians in 115 markets across the US.

Here's a list of the full advantages of Verizon's Total Mobile Protection to make an educated decision:

  • Lowest monthly price for leading smartphone models — $11 per month
  • Fast replacement with a longer claim cutoff — file a claim as late as midnight Eastern and get your replacement device the next day — including Saturdays
  • The most cracked screen repair options — 270+ carry-in locations, plus 115 markets with mobile repair technicians that come to you
  • File up to 3 insurance claims per 12 months per protected line
  • New, lower $49 deductible for cracked screen repair
  • Flexibility to cover up to 10 lines on your account - and save money - with TMP Multi-Device
  • Unlimited access to Verizon Tech Coach experts to solve everyday issues

This offer sounds pretty good. Probably because it's only available until July 14. What's also really cool is that if you do sign up for this package or for the Total Mobile Protection Multi-Device package (essentially the same thing, just with more phones and $33 a month), you can get a free Mophie powerBOOST mini battery pack. So if you want to rethink your confidence that you won't break your phone and get insurance, now is definitely the time to do it.

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