How To: Who's Unfollowing Your Twitter Account? Find Out with These Tracker Apps (And Get Revenge!)

Who's Unfollowing Your Twitter Account? Find Out with These Tracker Apps (And Get Revenge!)

Feelings can get hurt on Twitter as fast as an update. Everything is fine and dandy because two people are mutually following each other, then out of nowhere, one person has unfollowed the other out for seemingly no reason. Twitter doesn't notify users when someone has unfollowed them, so there are millions of people out there who get used for their follow!

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Well, now you can find out who unfollows you on Twitter with these mobile apps.

Sayanara (iOS)

Sayanara pings users with a notification whenever another Twitter user unfollows them. The application will then give you their information, biography, and recent tweets, as well as an option to block them.

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You also have the option to tweet them back and ask the all important question, "Why?". Was it because the tweets weren't interesting enough? Do you hate me now? Is the profile picture with my Pikachu disconcerting?

You can download Sayanara for iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch in the iTunes App Store. It costs $1.99 though.

JustUnfollow for Twitter (Android)

JustUnFollow allows you to view everyone that you follow that doesn't follow you back. Not only that, but there are other key features that make this app useful. You can find inactive users who haven't tweeted in the last 1, 3, or 6 months, check your relationship with a particular Twitter friend, and copy (follow) the followers of any other Twitter account.

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You can download JustUnfollow for Android from the Google Play Store for free.

Non-Mobile Options

If you don't want to do this from your mobile device, you can easily do it from computer apps like Qwitter (offers free and pro versions), Who Unfollowed Me on Twitter, Goodbye, Buddy!, TwittaQuitta, and @unfollowr.

How do you keep track of your unfollowers?

Have an iPhone? See everything that's new with Apple's latest iOS update:

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