How To: Unlock a Samsung Galaxy S, Vibrant, Captivate or I9000 smartphone

Unlock a Samsung Galaxy S, Vibrant, Captivate or I9000 smartphone

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S, Vibrant, Captivate, or I9000 and want to unlock it, this video will show you how to do it. Also, this method will let you do it with one click. You'll need your USB cable to connect to your desktop or laptop to download the necessary script. Enjoy.

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Hello! After running the generate unlock code, i'm getting this error (cmd prompt):

Please advise. Thanks!

Need to add the error msg: cannot find

Yep; having the same problem as you guys. Anyone? I'm on AT&T with 4G LTE (just got it awhile back here in Dallas) but want to venture out a bit with my Samsung GSIII. Maybe.

There is an important fact these code providers won't give you. You must purchase a new SIM card not from your current service provider. In my case I purchased the unlock code for $4. I was provided with a code. I discovered I must purchase a non service provider network SIM card for $10. Insert it into my Galaxy S Vibrant smartphone, follow the instructions on the website and enter the code in the Network Unlocked window. This program will work only on the PC. It is not Mac compatible.

hi i have the samsung galaxy s4 clone i9500 which was given to me from china its arrived here in the uk and the network wont work says unavailable and cant make calls or send text or recieve calls i have the 02 net work but will change if means phone will work

Hello I have galaxy 3 phone bought a new SIM followed the instructions to unlock but I get Rat Free instead of NW lock NV data initialize my phone version is 4.3 but the steps aren't working what to do ?

One thing he failed to mention, the Samsung Galaxy S from Sprint does not come with a SIM card. Even if you bought one there is no place to plug it in.

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