How To: Root a Samsung Galaxy Google Android smartphone

Root a Samsung Galaxy Google Android smartphone

Unlock your Galaxy's hidden potential by rooting it! Rooting your phone will enable you to do fun, against-the-rules things like running custom ROMs. Want to turn your Galaxy into a wireless hotspot with free WiFi tethering? You can do that too.

Don't know how to root an Android phone? Not a problem. This guide will walk you through the entire process. For all of the details, and to learn how to hack your own Samsung Galaxy Google Android mobile phone, watch this video rooting walkthrough.

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My problem is I am always trying to fix things in my Galaxy Note2
till I arrived to delete all data all my notes ..even the backup I destroyed I am here now in WonderHowTo same as every time as I get always my Answers....

My question today if I root my galaxy note 2 I will find and backup
all my files and specially my Notes ..need help pls

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