How To: Get All the News, Tips, and Tricks for Your Specific Android Device in One Place with Drippler

Get All the News, Tips, and Tricks for Your Specific Android Device in One Place with Drippler

There are thousands of articles published every day about smartphones, tablets, eReaders, and any other kind of gadgets you can think of. The problem is that most people only really care about news related to the devices they actually own. So how do you filter out all of the stuff you don't care about?

That's what Drippler does. It pulls news, tips, and app reviews and recommendations from all over the web and puts them all in one place, but only for the devices you want to read about. You tell it what you have (and want), and it aggregates all of the recent stories that are relevant to you.

The free Android app lets you get all of the updates on your device, that way you find out about all of the software upgrades, deals, and tricks for your phone—without having to search for them. When you install it, it automatically detects what kind of device you're using and serves up stories according to your model.

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The app has tabs for the most recent and popular articles, along with one that just shows you deals on apps and accessories for your device. Thanks to the "Deals" tab, there are no annoying ads in any of the other sections. You can also log in through the website, where you can create multiple "Drips" for all of the different devices you own or want.

Drippler is free to download on Google Play. As for the rest of us, you can always create an account on the website, and in the meantime, well...I'm just hoping they make an iOS app soon!

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