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Hi everyone!

Got a question for android users and experts: which one is the best device (price/quality ratio) to buy when you want something powerful enough to be rooted and used as hacking/pen-test device or at least customizable without a massive slowing of the software? (For example a good smartphone where install Kali (ARM ver), or a smartphone with starting animation, animated background and/or many more mods).

Thank you, I hope I was clear enough!

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lol nexus 5 and 6 are the only one u can install nethunter, and they are powerfull, i would not bother with linux deploy and chroot kali coz a lot of tools dosen't work there, and this shit is uncomfortable

go for nexus 6 if u got the money$$$$$

if u want something cheap but good and "modable" there is Moto E 2015, a lot of things is comming for this one, its quite popular=more roms, kernels etc.

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