How To: Use the FM transmitter on the Nokia N900

Use the FM transmitter on the Nokia N900

Nokia N900 officially has FM Radio receiver but not a transmitter. Here are step by step procedure to enable & use the FM transmitter facility.
1. Go to -> More ->Application manager.
2. Click "Download" option. If you can't see the applications you must activate catalogue.
3. Select "All" option. Click FM Radio player. Put a checkmark in 'I understand and agree' box then click 'Continue' tab. Wait for the downloading & installing of the "FM Radio Player".
4. Confirm "1 application successfully installed" message..
5. Plug in your headphones to act as the FM aerial.
6. Return back to the main menu. Go to -> Media player -> Music ->Select a song.
7. While the song is playing Go to -> Now playing ->FM Transmitter. Select your desired frequency and click "Done" tab.
8. Just tune a nearby FM radio into the frequency you selected. Hear the song in your FM device.

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