How To: Make Text Pop in Instagram Stories with 3D-Like Drop Shadow Effects for Any Font

Make Text Pop in Instagram Stories with 3D-Like Drop Shadow Effects for Any Font

There are tons of apps to help you create unique and compelling posts and stories on Instagram, but you already have the tools you need to make something eye-catching. You can insert line breaks in captions, create translucent overlays for photos, rainbow-up your story font, and even add a 3D text effect to your stories.

Using the in-app text and color tools in your story, you can layer fonts to add a depth-filled drop-shadow effect to your text. In either the iOS or Android app, add or take a photo or video in the Story camera, per usual. Next, tap the "Aa" icon and type out whatever you want in whatever color or style desired.

After that, hit the "Aa" icon again, but select a different color than the one you first selected. Then, type in the same thing as before. Pinch in and out to resize the text to your desired sizes and drop one on top of the other, slightly off-center from the bottom layer, so you see both layers. Make any last-minute sizing or orientation adjustments, and you'll have your three-dimensional text effect with drop shadows.

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