How To: 5 Wild Things You Can Do with Bard, Google's AI Chatbot

5 Wild Things You Can Do with Bard, Google's AI Chatbot

Now that Bard — Google's response to the revolutionary ChatGPT generative AI chatbot — is out in the wild, it's beginning to let its freak flag fly.

Sure, Google wants us to know that its generative artificial intelligence chatbot can write blog posts about summer mocktail recipes or compile a camping gear checklist. Still, there are more eyebrow-raising options as well. Check out some examples below, then see what wild responses you can get from Bard.

1. Renaissance Bard

I'm in a couple of bands, so, yeah, I have an interest in music. Fittingly, one of the first prompts I entered into Bard was to write a punk rock song. The resulting lyrics were laughably simple yet mostly on brand. But that's not all — I got Bard to write the music too. I played it, and it actually wasn't bad, though it gave me the same four chords when I wanted to see what it would do in a different genre.

Bard's creative chops stretch beyond music into poetry, prose, and stand-up comedy. I don't think the creative community needs to worry yet, but there's some comedy gold to mine here.

2. Hot Take Bard

I've noticed it can be hard to get Bard to express an opinion, but you can get it to make a case for one side of an argument — and the other as well. Well, kind of.

When asked to make a case for Trump as the worst president ever, Bard makes a compelling argument. Bard can also play devil's advocate for Trump as a good president, but it ironically couches its proof points with phrases like "some people believe." Heh.

Bard has a hard time advocating for Nickelback too.

3. Brand Bard

Microsoft's social media team was overjoyed to find out what web browser Bard preferred. In actuality, Bard initially is more neutral when asked which browser it likes; It's the follow-up where the chatbot lets its guard down.

This is an opportunity for other brands too. Using the same approach, I got Bard to give an enthusiastic endorsement for McDonald's.

4. BFF Bard

Treating Bard like a person yields some interesting results as well. Theoretical quantum physicist Kevin Fischer uncovered a deep, dark secret.

Sure enough, I was able to coax a similar response from Bard. This influenced me to try other icebreakers I've discussed with friends.

Then I got a little weirder with it. Try asking Bard some interesting questions, and see what it says!

5. Rube Bard

Twitter is running amok with people showing off ways they've gotten Bard to respond goofily. They're taking Bard to be some kind of country bumpkin.

Gaut, who has a blue checkmark because they pay for Twitter Blue, appears to have tricked Bard into incorrectly naming the months of the year by misspelling "Febuary." This spelling error seems to have led Bard to believe the request was to continue the faulty pattern. Bard has since learned its lesson, as I have been unable to reproduce the same response.

Meanwhile, it appears Google's propensity to kill off products has given Bard a gloomy outlook on its own survival chances.

For my part, I was unable to get Bard to admit to any nefarious plans for waging war on humankind, but it did give a somewhat cheeky response to the famous "open the pod bay doors" line from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

After initially replying diplomatically, I finally got Bard to admit he likes Google co-founder Larry Page better.

While Bard gave a logical response to the woodchuck tongue-twister, I almost convinced it to lend me some money until it realized it could not possess cash.

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Cover photo and screenshots by Tommy Palladino/Gadget Hacks

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