News: Tinder's New Update Puts the Emphasis on Looks

Tinder's New Update Puts the Emphasis on Looks

If we're being honest, very few people go on Tinder to fall in love with someone's personality. Oftentimes, the only reason they'll look at your bio is to make sure there are no red flags.

Knowing this, Tinder's latest redesign isn't that surprising, and it probably won't even make a huge difference to most users. Profile pictures can now be swiped through with a Snapchat-like tapping system and are bigger than ever, putting even greater emphasis on appearance than before. (Is that even possible?)

The biggest change coming to Tinder is that you can now tap through people's profile pictures, much like you can with Snapchat stories. Users just have to tap on the edge of photos to move between them, making it easier than ever to view photos. To view someone's complete profile — including their bio, tap on the bottom of the screen. With the bio somewhat hidden like this, expect users to decide whether they find you physically attractive before they look to see if there's an intellectual connection as well.

The other aspect of this redesign is that pictures will be bigger — much, bigger. Profile pictures will now extend to your screen's edge, meaning that people are going to get an even more in-depth look at your appearance. If this makes you nervous, it may be time to update your profile with new-and-improved pictures you feel more confident in.

While this latest update seems daunting, don't let that keep you from swiping away. Tinder's membership has grown significantly in the past year, meaning that the dating pool is getting larger and larger. No matter your concerns about your physical appearance or these new updates, the chances of you matching with someone you're interested in are only getting bigger and bigger.

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