News: T-Mobile LTE-U Gives Galaxy S8 Owners a Speed Boost in Select Cities

T-Mobile LTE-U Gives Galaxy S8 Owners a Speed Boost in Select Cities

Last month, AT&T made headlines with its disastrous launch of its 5G Evolution network (spoiler alert: it wasn't actually 5G). T-Mobile responded to the embarrassing news by saying the company would be working on its own 5G network, and would take its time rolling it out. Well, T-Mobile may have just pulled an AT&T — T-Mobile is launching LTE-U in the US, and things seem pretty similar to the 5G Evolution's introduction.

According to Engadget, T-Mobile has launched its LTE-U service in select areas of select cities — Bellevue, T-Mobile's headquarters, as well as Brooklyn, Dearborn, Las Vegas, Richardson and Simi Valley. Like AT&T's 5G Evolution, LTE-U only works with the Galaxy S8. Users on iPhones, Pixels, G6s or any others will not be able to take advantage of the faster connection.

This news comes as rumors surrounding a T-Mobile and Sprint merger were put on hold — Sprint is apparently in talks with Charter and Comcast about a possible partnership-to-partial acquisition. While those previous rumors may have been good for T-Mobile, the company seems to be coming into its own.

Its CEO has more than enough confidence, anyway ...

Video has language that is NSFW

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