News: Now You Can Share & Borrow Hearthstone Decks with Your Friends

Now You Can Share & Borrow Hearthstone Decks with Your Friends

With Hearthstone's latest expansion, The Witchwood, arriving on April 12 2018, Blizzard also rolled out a number of in-game improvements alongside Update 11.0. One improvement that could revolutionize the Friendly Challenge experience is deck sharing, allowing you and your friends to borrow each other's decks.

Now, you'll be able to try out new cards and archetypes that you were never able to before, because you don't need to own the cards to do so. It's a fantastic feature that helps with the new player experience, as playing with powerful cards will only help them learn faster. What's more, they won't feel like they're losing to you just because their cards are weaker.

To borrow a deck, challenge a friend as you normally would by tapping on the friends list in the top-left corner and hitting the play button next to their name. It also works just as fine if you're the one being challenged. Sharing and borrowing works for either "Standard" or "Wild" Duels, but not Tavern Brawls.

When you're selecting a deck, tap "Borrow Decks" at the bottom to send a request to your friend to borrow one of your decks. They'll have to accept it to complete the process. The same goes for them borrowing one of your decks, of course.

Now you're ready to borrow and lend out all your favorite decks! With the new set coming out, this'll be a great feature to test out all the new strategies.

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Cover image via Blizzard, screenshots by Brian Lang/Gadget Hacks

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