How To: Get Free Hearthstone Packs by Playing on Mobile

Get Free Hearthstone Packs by Playing on Mobile

Hearthstone, Blizzard's online card game, combines strategy with a fun spin on the World of Warcraft lore to create a unique experience. With the latest expansion (The Witchwood) on the horizon, you'll want to make sure your collection is ready for when the set drops in April. Fortunately, you can get free packs on iPhone or Android to help prepare.

Unlike other physical card games like Magic: the Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh!, the only way to get cards in Hearthstone is by buying packs. This makes packs incredibly valuable, as it's your main way of accumulating a large collection. While you can buy packs using the gold that you get from completing daily quests, getting free packs directly is obviously a great addition to the quest grind.

Step 1: Download & Install Hearthstone

If you haven't done so already, you'll need to install Hearthstone on your phone. To do that, you can either search for "Hearthstone" on Google Play or the App Store, or you can use the link below to jump to it. Tap on "Install" (on Android) or "Get" (on iOS) to download and install it, then open it up.

Step 2: Log in to Your Blizzard Account on Your Phone

After you open up Hearthstone, you'll be asked to log in to your account. Do so the same way as when you first created your account: Either through Facebook or Blizzard. If you need to create an account, tap "Create a free Blizzard Account" and follow the instructions to make your own account.

Now you should be reaping the benefit of opening up Hearthstone on a new platform. You get free packs for launching the game on your Android phone, iPhone, and iPad.

There's even a Samsung Galaxy-specific promotion that nets you both a pack and a free card back. Even if you have just one of these devices, it's great that Blizzard tosses people a free pack. However, don't be shy — ask your friends with other platforms to share the love, and do the same in return. You all can get yourselves a serious collection from it.

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Cover image and screenshots by Brian Lang/Gadget Hacks

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