News: Gorilla Glass 6 Fixes the Worst Part of Glass Phones — How Slippery They Are

Gorilla Glass 6 Fixes the Worst Part of Glass Phones — How Slippery They Are

During a recent press event, Corning revealed the latest generation of Gorilla Glass, aptly named Gorilla Glass 6. While the focus at the event was on the improvements to its scratch and impact resistance, Corning also revealed some exciting prototypes which change the textures of the glass.

Vibrant Corning Gorilla Glass, which first debuted back in 2016, expanded the design options for OEMs by allowing them to add multi-color, high-res images directly into the Gorilla Glass. While this hasn't taken off, it doesn't appear Corning is willing to give up on it. During the press event, Corning shows the latest improvement to the design: Changing the texture of the glass.

Instead of the slippery nature of typical glass designs, Gorilla Glass 6 could feel like a rougher surface such as rock or wood. With the rougher texture, devices should be easier to hold and less susceptible to drops and slipping. At the event, Corning showed a few textures, including wood, rock, polished marble, and snakeskin. With Vibrant Gorilla Glass, OEMs can now introduce unique back glass panels that not only look different, but feel like the material they're emulating.

Unfortunately, like Vibrant Gorilla Glass, implementation is heavily dependent on OEM usage. However, with the industry pushing toward glass backs and their slippery properties, this would be an easy fix without removing or undermining the aesthetics of the glass design. What do you think about Gorilla Glass 6? Would you mind if a glass back didn't feel like glass? Let us know in the comments below.

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