News: Cure Insomnia with the Pzizz Sleep Aid App for Android and iPhone

Cure Insomnia with the Pzizz Sleep Aid App for Android and iPhone

Dealing with insomnia? Just can't fall asleep at night? Well, there's a few things you can do to escape those restless nights. You can take a hot bath (unless you're a shower person), do some yoga (granted you can do the downward-facing dog), or try a little tapping (if you don't mind smacking yourself in the face). But let's face it—most people who have trouble sleeping use prescription medication or natural remedies like melatonin. If you don't want to be dependent on sleeping pills, then maybe it's time you turned to your smartphone.

Pzizz is a mobile application for Android and iPhone that claims to help solve sleep problems, boost energy and reduce stress using a unique audio system that helps you nap during the day or fall asleep at night. The concept of anti-insomnia apps isn't new, but Pzizz does something the others don't—randomization. Pzizz uses a structured algorithm that creates a new sleeping tune every time you use it, with over 100 billion possible combinations—a vast improvement over, say, listening to the same hypnotic sleep track over and over again.

You can get the Pzizz Insomnia Solution app on the Android Market (currently $5.60).

Pzizz for Android offers two options for sleeping: Sleep mode for those wishing to head to dreamland at night, and PowerNap for those seeking a boost of energy from a short lunchtime nap. You can make duration adjustments on each mode and you can also set voice narration if a calming voice does the trick for you. For some of you, the free promo video above might be all you need to get a few Zs in.

If you want to give it a try on your Apple device, the two modes are split up between the Pzizz Sleep app and Pzizz Energizer app, both at $5.99 each. There's also lite versions of both apps for $1.99 each.

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