News: Can You Hear Me Now? Probably Not if You Have T-Mobile

Can You Hear Me Now? Probably Not if You Have T-Mobile

If you're on T-Mobile, you've probably had a rough morning. Reports are coming in saying that the carrier's LTE network is down in cities throughout the country.

According to Down Detector, there have been over 1,000 reports of T-Mobile's network having issues in the past three hours. For now, the majority of these reports are coming from the Eastern US, but complaints on social media sites like Twitter are showing that users throughout the nation are experiencing difficulties.

T-Mobile customers are dealing with issues like intermittent data problems, the inability to tether, or no data connection at all. This frustrating issue is certainly putting a damper on their mornings, but it shouldn't last too long. A spokesperson for T-Mobile told BGR that this should only be a temporary problem.

Some customers are experiencing intermittent data issues. Engineers are working on it and we expect it to be resolved very soon.

Unfortunately, this seems to be a recurring problem for the carrier. Just two weeks ago, T-Mobile's network went down in 12 states and Washington D.C. Customers were without data for several hours.

Let's hope the network gets it together. With Sprint's aggressive campaigns to gain customers, T-Mobile needs to step up its game or else it may lose some of its customers to its competitors.

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Cover photo via T-Mobile/YouTube

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