How To: Use iTunes to turn any song into an iPhone ringtone

Use iTunes to turn any song into an iPhone ringtone

ruffdeezy shows how to create ringtones for the iPhone from regular MP3 files. ruffdeezy begins by importing the desired file into the iTunes library. Accuracy of the file's info can be confirmed by selecting "get info" on the song title. Under the "get info" page, go to the "options" tab. Under this tab is a "start time" and a "stop time" option. Choose the desired start and end time of the ringtone. Do not make it longer than 30 seconds. Next, right-click the song and select "convert to AAC". Save the new song to the desktop and change the extension from .m4a to m4r. Delete the original file from the iTunes library. Open the file in iTunes and it will import into the Ringtones folder. Sync your iPhone with iTunes and the file will appear in the phone's ringtone folder.

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