How To: Use the camera of the Nokia N97

Use the camera of the Nokia N97

This video will show you how to use the camera of Nokia N97. To use the camera of Nokia N97: Turn on the camera and open the lens cover or press the Capture key. In your view finder, you can see: Exit icon, Camera icon, Flash icon ,Expand Toolbar and Options icon. Tap the screen to use the Zoom Slider. You can zoom in or out by scrolling the Zoom Slider. To take a photo, tap the Camera icon. Once a photo is taken, another icons appear: Back icon, Message icon, Email icon, Trash Can icon, and Options icon. Tap Options icon to get more options: Show open apps., Use image, Rename image, Add to album, Details, Go to photos, Help, Exit. To view captured photos, tap Go to Photos. You can also tap the Menu key and tap Photos. Lastly, tap Captured.

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