How To: Un-brand a Nokia 5300 cell phone to use 3rd party applications

Un-brand a Nokia 5300 cell phone to use 3rd party applications

Are you getting that nasty "Application access set to not allowed" error on your Nokia 5300 cell phone? Unfortunately, it's a problem for most Nokia 5300 owners, ones who wish to use 3rd party applications on certain carriers, like T-Mobile, who restricts the uses for branding.

This video outlines a process which un-brands (or unbrands) the Nokia 5300 to allow the use of 3rd party applications, like Opera Mini, Gmail and Google Maps. Just be sure to back up all of your contacts before proceeding.

1. Download and Install these 3 Programs:
-- NSS * When installing NSS, select "Virtual USB" as the mode
-- Nokia Software Suite
-- Nokia Software Updater (Optional)
2. Connect your 5300 to your computer with a USB cable.
3. Select "Nokia Mode" as the USB cable mode when prompted.
4. Fire up NSS (should have a shortcut on your desktop after installing).
5. Click on the Magnifying Glass on the Top-Left corner of the window.
6. Click on "Phone Info".
7. Click on "Scan".
8. Near the Bottom, where it says "Power Mode", click on Local, and then click change. (Your phone will probably shut off, this is normal)
9. Now click on "Read". Where it says "Product Code", erase the existing code and type in: 0515263. Then check "enable", then "write"
10. Now click Tools, then click the tab near the bottom labeled "Factory Settings". Change the Factory Setting to "Full Factory". Click Reset.
11. Go back to "Phone Info" and change the Power Mode back to Normal.

Congratulations, you now have an unbranded the Nokia 5300. This allows you to run 3rd party internet apps on the phone, and enables Push-To-Talk, a sort of Walkie-Talkie mode. (PTT relies on the network, so if your network doesn't have PTT, your phone won't....not yet anyway *hint hint*) and many other options and features.

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