How To: Transfer iPhone files from your phone to your PC

Transfer iPhone files from your phone to your PC

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to transfer iPhone videos and pictures to a computer. Begin by connecting the iPhone to your computer. Then click on the Start menu and select Computer. Now select your iPhone device drive and click on the eternal storage. Then continue clicking on the folders. Users will then be able to access the videos and pictures from their iPhones. To transfer the files, simply drag it onto your desktop. This video will benefit those viewers who have an iPhone and would like to learn how to transfer files from their device into their computer because they lost or misplaced the files.

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My i phone does not show up in "my computer" and it is not there in "manage devices" either. Yet is asks me if I trust the computer and I say yes. Still no iphone shows up on the pc to access the files. Whats wrong??

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